KOD Cam Capture photos just as they were taken with a real disposable camera. Every detail on the camera mimics a real disposable camera. KOD Cam does not include complicated operations such as editing and post-correction. By tilting the Manual Focus Dial, capture the subject and space which differs according to light. You might lose focus or the photo might shake, but there is a beauty in themselves. Premium upgrade features: - Save original photos. - Automatic save. - No Ads. Thanks for using! We're always working on new content and constantly working to improve your photo editing experience. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us: http://retrocam.weebly.com — Disclaimer Notice KOD Cam is provided as KOD Studio own product. this app is not the official app of Kodak and Fuji or any others. KOD Cam made every effort to ensure not to infringe other's copyrights or trademarks.