Vineyard Valley: My Renovation

Match. Decorate. Restore. Blast Puzzles, Design Your Resort & Solve the Mystery!
Jam City, Inc.
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Nice storyline

2021.10.16 20:58:54

This game is fun! Thanks!

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2021.10.16 15:49:15

Hi!guys! I usually played vineyard valley game every often and loved advancing through the levels this blast was blasting fun but recently I can't seem to even play my favorite tapping game and I feel like somethings missing without my dear vineyard valley game. Can you please please on the next update remove ads and improve so I can play again?it will help me with my disability and emotional problems by tapping back into the game again with no ads and this game deserves to be free.

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2021.10.16 14:53:08

Was a great game when I first downloaded. Now to play you either watch an ad or pay before each game.

2021.10.15 17:58:02

Long ads between levels. The game is now unplayable.

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By Mez A
2021.10.15 06:05:19

This was a great game until they started making you watch an ad for every level, OR MAKE YOU PAY TO SKIP THE ADS.

2021.10.15 05:15:13

This game was fun but has not been updated in months I cannot progress anymore, and the new adds before you can play a level is annoying. Now you should pay but there are no more levels...

2021.10.15 01:04:45

I have played this game for years. Had to restart at least 3 times due to new phones. Now I have to watch an add for every game? I will play over a hundred levels in a day. I'm not gonna waste it on adds. If this gets fixed I'll change my review. But so far it's soon to be deleted. Update. An add every round is ridiculous. I understand adds are necessary, but how about every 10 rounds or something?

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年10月14日

Hello Sabrina, I understand how you feel about the video ads and they allow us to support the game and make it available to players without requiring any sort of up-front payment. We have also implemented a feature where making a basic purchase will disable non-optional videos. Thank you for being part of our family!

2021.10.14 22:52:29

Won't download again, I cannot even start to play. Kicks me straight out

2021.10.14 22:07:56

I have been playing this game right at a year now, didnt mind wat hing an ad every now and then. But now that you have to watch an ad to play every round, nope not happening. I usually spend 1-3 hours a night playing just this game, that would mean i would spend at LEAST an hour watching ads no thank you. If this gets Changed back will play again as I really loved this game as it was one of the most fair games there was.

2021.10.14 07:30:31
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