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App has suddenly become so laggy it is literally unusable. Not sure what happened. Used to be my fave.



Will update when adjusted but for now this game is entirely too unbalanced. Unless paying to play, it is nearly impossible to complete sticker sets. Trading is too easy to scam. Suggestions to developers to improve: 1)Guarantee each pack provides 1 new sticker within a certain commonality unless all of that star level are already owned 2)Make trading require a sticker from each player and be confirmed once stickers are selected by both parties before executing 3)Randomize rare stickers given

Developer Reply Reply Time 08/24/2023

Hi Mary! Thanks so much for your suggestions for the game's improvements! The community feedback is really important to us and we'll be sure to let the team know about this. We wish you the best, stay tuned for more exciting stuff!

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