Zendesk Sell is a sales productivity platform that blends usability and intelligence to give you a cutting edge mobile sales experience. Sell not only provides everything that you and your sales team would ever need from a sales app, but also goes above and beyond by adding mobile sales productivity features like communication tracking, email templates with view notifications, geolocation and mobile reporting. With the top rated Sell mobile apps for iPad and iPhone, your sales team will have access to everything they need to be efficient and effective, right in the palm of their hand. Sell provides a fast and secure communication tool that gives you complete pipeline visibility of your team. With a highly usable interface, offline access, and the ability to sync to all of your devices including the web application, Sell is the perfect tool for effectively managing your sales team. The Sell iPhone and iPad apps not only includes amazing mobile features; they include features that translate to providing a great mobile sales experience. In addition to providing a core sales app that includes all of your customer relations management needs, Sell also provides: --MOBILE SALES PRODUCTIVITY-- • Geolocation to view all of your nearby customers on a native map • Email templates for quick, personalized communication • Email view notifications so you know when a message has been opened • Automatic call logging and call outcome tracking • Smart list integration to view your existing smart lists directly on your phone, taking the latest Sell technology with you everywhere • Communication tracking complete with sync functionality --INTELLIGENCE-- • Receive a real-time notification when critical leads, contacts and deals are updated rather than waiting to find out at the weekly sales meeting. • Reporting functionality with a beautifully clear user interface, so that you can see your sales funnel from any angle, and customize the information displayed so that it caters to your needs. Sell is the leading mobile sales app for high performance sales teams on the road. --THE BENEFITS ARE CLEAR-- Why Reps love Sell: -Email templates and view notifications -Auto call logging -Visualize leads, contacts and deals on a map with geolocation Why Managers love Sell: -Complete pipeline visibility for field reps -On the go reporting -Real-time notifications Sell doesn't just get the job done. It provides an experience that makes you productive anytime, anywhere. Download the Zendesk Sell app now for a powerful and intelligent mobile sales experience.