The rule is simple: Make the whole board one color and you’re all done.

Happy Color combines both fun and stress reduction into one awesome puzzle game. Your logical thinking and problem-solving skills will be tested as you complete mind-twisting puzzles in a set number of moves.
Simple to pick up, easy to play yet not easy to pass all levels. Are you ready to challenge your brain?

🌟 Simple yet addictive gameplays:
Flood-fill mode:
- Tap to choose any colored hammer and hit them on the board to change the color of each field.
- Test your IQ and turn the whole board into one color.
Coloring mode:
- Tap to choose the colors
- Test your sharp eyes and color the tiles until they match the pictures.

🌟 Game features:
- Levels of varying complexity to quench your thirst for brain-teasing puzzles
- Beautiful multi-colored and multi-patterned illustrations
- Amazing motion graphic effects
- Relaxing background music

Are you smart enough to pass all levels and be the master of Happy Color? Download and find out now!