Zoominfo customers, download the ZoomInfo Mobile App and make it your trusty sales travel companion! Available for all Zoominfo customers. Not a customer? Go to www.zoominfo.com Gather Quick Insights Connect when it matters most. Pull company information on industry, leadership and technographic data to steer eleventh-hour sales conversations. Prepare for Meetings Turn meetings into wins. Review pre-meeting briefs on the fly-from learning more just-added stakeholders to sharing icebreaker questions and building last-minute talking points based on key insights. Get Work Done on the Go Find decision makers’ direct numbers, share them with colleagues, and start calling, right from your mobile device. Act Fast and Close Business “The ZoomInfo Mobile App helps me act quickly on open opportunities. If a deal needs support, I can open the app to learn more about the company and scroll through the latest Scoops, then pull up the profile of the CEO or CIO and call them directly from the app. ZoomInfo helps me make that connection right then and there.” Christopher Claunch, Vice President of Solutions Division at Cri Advantage Note: The Mobile app does not currently support SSO.