It’s makeover time! Give your little mermaid princess a brand new look; take her to the spa, hair and beauty salon or the dress up studio. With so many different looks to try, you’ll have hours of fun! Perfect for girls who love giving makeovers, you’ll be able to give a beautiful mermaid a fantasy makeover using your smartphone! * Amazing Under Sea World Explore the underwater world and visit a variety of different shops to give your mermaid a dream makeover with amazing hairstyles, ocean-inspired jewellery and a variety of beautiful dress up clothes at the aqua fashion boutique. * The Ultimate Makeover App We’ve added so many features to customize your mermaid princess’ new look. Use the beauty salon to apply face masks, clear her skin, change her eyebrows and make her look beautiful. Add lots of different styles of makeup, change her hairstyle at the hair salon and choose her outfit at the dress up shop. There are so many options for you to play with to give your mermaid princess the ultimate makeover! Mermaid Princess Makeover – Awesome Features * Absolutely FREE! * Play as different little mermaid princesses * Apply face masks and moisturizing creams * Get rid of zits by popping pimples * Add extra eyebrow hair, remove under eye marks and black dots to give her clear skin * Lots of amazing hairstyles to choose from * Change eye color, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and cheek glow * Give your mermaid princess​'luscious lips with a full lip makeover * Match your dress with a wide range of jewelry * Do a photo shoot and share your mermaid makeover with your friends