Welcome to the world of amazing double head sharks which you haven't thought off or dreamt off!!!! There are many unique species of sharks like Hammer Head, Goblin Shark, Two Head white shark, Zombie Shark and the most amazing shark is the Terminator shark. Amazingly !!! Its the most horrifying shark special powered shark which can minimise itself to hunt & take back its original size. There is also another shark The Dino Shark which will take your breath once you see it. Are your excited ??? Then just grab your phone and download. The gameplay is eating and power up with 100s of delicious and dangerous creatures in the water like baby sharks, jellyfish, fishes etc. This Underwater simulation game which has stunning quality, 3D graphics and cool sound effects which will drive you crazy. You can also dress your double head sharks with the freak in' costumes like different kinds of hats, weapons, headphones, hammer, axe, magic wands & many more exciting accessories just waiting for you to explore. These simulator sharks are gigantic & cooler than ever just waiting to attack. Dats amazing!!! This is the deadliest simulation game from the underwater shark games. Game Play Features: • Multiplayer mode to play with your friends. • Connect & hunt your prey in different worlds. • Explore with different kinds of sharks with crazy features to hunt. • Multiplayer mode has been added with the brainy grainy quiz. • Different Shark power ups. • Various Shark upgrades to hunt & survive. • Friendly UI & fun FREE game play. Multiplayer Mode: - Explore & hunt other multiplayer. - Search and eat words in the ocean to complete the target. - This is the unique multiplayer feature with the brainy quiz to unlock your sharks along with your IQ levels. Let's see how sharp you are & how well you compete to survive underwater with your friends. Double Head Shark Attack Features: * Free Simulation Game * Unlock 10+ Shark Species * Crack all the unique missions * Surprising meal with deals * Realistic Beach & Underwater environments * Smooth, Easy & Addictive gameplay * Awesome Visuals & Sound Effects * Coolest underwater shark games to play * Different worlds to explore * Upbeat background music and sound effects Install & Play as Fearless Double Head Shark Attack ready to hunt for their survival. Do you like this Double Headed Shark Attack? Don't forget to leave a review with your feedback. It will mean the world for us! ABOUT US: We, Bigcode Games, provide entertainment with a responsibility to maintain quality. We always welcome feedback and comments below. You are requested to review and comment so that we can make games better for our valuable players. Please feel free to suggest us any improvements that could help us make the game better. Thank You!!!!! Terms Of Use: https://bigcodegames.com/userlicenseagreement.html CHANNEL & VIDEOS: You can subscribe us on our YOUTUBE Channel for updates & new game notifications!!!! YOUTUBE:- https://www.youtube.com/bigcodegames