Boozed? is a Today View widget for capturing, calculating & displaying your current estimated blood alcohol content (eBAC) reading. It lets you enter a drink in under three taps without needing to unlock your phone. It means not needing to remember when & how many drinks you have had.

Boozed? promotes safe drinking through making you aware of the way that alcohol affects you.

Whenever you display the Today View, it will re-calculate your current BAC at the latest time.

It supports popular US, UK, Australia, Canada & New Zealand drinks and measures.

The greatest strength of using a widget is that it is remarkably easy to add a drink as you go & capture the exact time. Thus helping solve one of the greatest inaccuracies of BAC calculations, the problem of recall.

It has optional Health App support to write your daily peak estimated blood alcohol (eBAC) concentration into the Health App Blood Alcohol Content data store. This is useful if you want to track your drinking habits on the dashboard.

It is important to be aware that the readings are still estimates, and though more accurate than traditional recall calculations, can vary for all sorts of reasons, medical or otherwise and as such should not form the decision to make responsible decisions such as driving or using a chainsaw. Specifically, the app cannot actually provide accurate blood alcohol data, and as such should be regarded as being for entertainment purposes only.