With the Jimdo Creator app you can easily create your own free website with responsive website design, a blog, an online store, and much more. And edit it on-the-go! The Jimdo Creator app has been downloaded over a million times and has helped to create some of the 20 million websites now online with Jimdo. What do you want to show on your website? Your website. Always available. Always with you. *What the app can do* New to Jimdo? It’s so quick and easy to get your new website online. Choose your template, select a domain, insert text and photos—done! The design of your Jimdo website is automatically responsive, so it is optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. In addition to the app, you can also edit your website on a desktop computer to use many more features. Already with Jimdo? You can edit your existing website with the app. Wherever you are with your iPhone or iPad—your website is right there with you. App features Navigation: Add new subpages to your website—or you can change, hide or delete these pages. Content for your website: Write or publish blog posts, add photos, photo galleries, text, headings, and buttons to your website. Structure for your website: Headings, spacing, and lines can help your visitors get a great overview of your website. Online store: You can see and edit your open and closed orders directly in the app. Mark items as sent and/or paid to have even more control on-the-go. What else can Jimdo do? Use the desktop version for even more features including more online store options, search engine optimization (SEO), contact forms and much more. Also: We’re always working on making the Jimdo Creator app even better, and will continue to release new features for it. We can’t wait to see your new website +++ We'd love to hear from you. Send us your suggestions and comments! +++ Ideas, suggestions, or comments? Please share them with us: mobile-feedback@jimdo.com Terms of Use: http://www.jimdo.com/info/terms-of-use-privacy/ Privacy Policy: http://www.jimdo.com/info/privacy-statement/