What would you do if a zombie pandemic suddenly swept through your planet? Are you confident that you can save your lover and be the last survivor after this zombie invasion?

Girl Choices: Zombie Escape is a story about Lucy's adventures in a world ravaged by the zombie apocalypse. In her quest to save her lover, Lucy has to master her brain to outsmart and defeat all zombies. By solving tricky puzzles, you will help the couple reach the safe zone and troll the eating brain legion. The direction of the plot depends on the choices you make along the way. Each situation has two possible outcomes: disaster or delight for our little girl.

Let Girl Choices: Zombie Escape take you out of the box with mind-bending puzzles that will test your IQ, creativity, and imagination. Do not solve the riddles in an ordinary way unless you want to be killed by the zombies.

- Train your brain IQ to identify the correct answer

- Simple yet addictive gameplay
- Endless fun and brain-pushing puzzles
- Beautiful high-resolution graphics
- Fun music and sound effects

Can you help Lucy and her love escape from zombies and find their happy ending?
Download Girl Choices: Zombie Escape and find out now!