Whitetail Tech is the cutting of edge of whitetail deer calling and hunting technology. Under the guidance of the whitetail wizard himself, Steve Stoltz, you will be able to hone your whitetail hunting and, in particular, calling skills and better know how to to successfully harvest better and more whitetail deer. Whitetail Tech is loaded with videos that teach how to make the most common deer calls and rattling sequences. You can then compare how you sound to real deer audio as well as audio of Steve Stoltz calling and rattling for each of these sounds. Finally, Steve Stoltz has taken his tried and true deer hunting tips, and organized them by deer sound on the app. Calls featured on the app (all with how-to video, real turkey audio, and hunting tips for each, including special “Pro Tips”): Calls: Tending Grunt Doe Bleat Trailing Grunt Buck Growl Snort Snort-Wheeze (Grunt Snort-Wheeze) Fawn Bleat The app then takes you into the brain of the Whitetail Wizard Steve Stoltz with awesome video content of Sequences and Tactics, including: Tactics: Taking Inventory Targeting a Specific Buck Planting for Success: Food Plots Scouting Tactics Tree Stand, Ground Blind, Box Blind Locations In Season Tactics Doe Groups Scent Control and Usage Wind Direction and Weather Fronts Moon Phases Sequences: Sparring/Tending Grunt Full Battle/Grunt Snort Wheeze Rattling Antlers 1. Rattling Bags 2. Real Antlers 3. Synthetic Antlers Whitetail Tech also has an additional how-to video that teaches you how to to choose the right deer call. You will also be able to find out what deer calls are used and recommended by Steve Stoltz and see other companies that support the Got Game Technologies mobile app development team on our Partners page. Future versions of the app will also be expanded to include numerous hunting sequences, tips, and rut predictions based on the moon phases. In sum, Whitetail Tech will help you become a better deer hunter. It’s that simple!