You have to save one of the olds. Evil skeletons kidnapped a grandpa and locked him in a secret place. Your primary goal is to collect all keys from hostile skeletons and help the old man out of the trap. But it is not as easy as it sounds because skeletons are very clever, they hide masterfully and run very quickly. So you will have to do your best to catch the skeletons by all means to free a granny or a grandpa. The malicious skeletons hid the granny or the grandpa very well. Before you start searching for the keys, you need to find the locked old. You will have to rack your brains to trick the skeletons while hunting for the keys. Make sure you use items at hand – they are found all around the location. Be careful! Some skeletons can attack you, but they are themselves quite fragile, and a single hit is generally enough to get them to fall to pieces. It depends on the character you choose at the beginning of the game, which of the two you will ultimately have to save. If you select a granny, then you will have to save a grandpa and vice versa. Each character has certain bonus skills. For example, the grandpa is stronger while the granny has better eyesight. Halloween, this scary but at the same time fun holiday, inspired us to create this game. That is why the creation is full of elements and attributes associated with this beautiful holiday. Stay tuned for our updates, we are planning to include more chapters to the game where the granny and the grandpa will have more exciting adventures.