The Grandpa and Granny 3: Hospital Escape Horror game is the third adventure escape from granny and grandpa. This time, you will have to escape from a burning hospital. The patients created utter chaos. Now it’s not just a hospital, but a deadly hospital. There’s fire everywhere, all the exits are blocked, and mad patients are running around. Granny and grandpa are, of course, among them. Who do you think helped grandpa and granny escape considering that they had been put in isolation wards? Right, it was Mister Dog. Download the Grandpa and Granny 3: Hospital Escape horror game and try to run away from the nightmare. This is the only way to learn the full story of the olds and find out who else took part in their escape. The third game about granny and grandpa reveals the beginning of the olds’ story and how they ended up in the hospital for the most dangerous criminals. It was an ordinary day for the hospital’s security until someone cut off the electricity. All the wards were open, and that led to real mess and chaos. The staff were evacuated except for the security guard and his colleague whose duty is to keep the situation under control and restore order. If you cannot put things in order, there is only one option left for you — escape from the hospital and call the police. The olds are not in a hurry to leave the place: granny and grandpa are up for some good fun. The old couple started a chase, and they will not be satisfied until they play hide-and-seek to the end. Hide-and-seek is their favorite game but for those who hide, it’s a real ordeal that has a feel of a creepy horror game.