Master the Call is a complimentary resource to wildlife call manufacturers, wildlife calls, and the wildlife calling market - Applicable to all wildlife, including waterfowl and turkey as well as big game like deer, elk, and moose - Users gain proficiency in using wildlife calls through objective comparison of their practice attempts against a master recording produced using an actual calling device - Through this interactive process, Users learn to make wildlife calls correctly and gain confidence with their calling device(s) How Does Master The Call Work? - Download the free iPhone app - Set up an account using your email address - Browse “Shop Calls” for “master calls” sorted by animal type. - Select and download a free master call to “My Call Library” using the coupon code located in the “Notifications” area of the app. - Practice by listening to and learning the master call, reviewing calling tips provided, and then recording your practice attempt into the app - The app will analyze your recorded call against the master call using objective feedback and scoring provided - Repeat the process and track history to increase your proficiency, consistency, and confidence - Purchase additional master calls via in-app purchase for all game types and purposes