"Will you become the last stickman standing? Ready to fight the most gruesome enemies, slay Giant Bosses and become a hero in all wars?

Stickman War: Tower Defense is a perfect combination of action, strategy, and combat puzzle. You will immerse yourself as a stick hero in a world full of enraging dangers and enemies. Your mission is to grow your stickman into a powerful stick hero, build your towers, kill all enemies, and claim the ultimate prize.

The levels will become more challenging and you need to train your tactical mindset to lead your stick hero to victory. Your IQ will be tested as you calculate every move, where to drag and drop your stickman, and plan the strategy to conquer all battles and overcome various obstacles.

- Role-play as a stick hero
- Move your hero to defeat all enemies and monster bosses, collect weapons and treasures
- Merge and power up stick warriors, and upgrade fighting/defense skills
- Build your strong and awesome tower

- Infinite number of levels with varying difficulty to conquer
- Various skins and weapons to unlock
- New scenarios and landscapes to discover
- Amazing graphic and animation
- Fast-paced innovative battle system

Can you become the best stick hero? Join Stickman War: Tower Defense now and experience a full package of fun and thrill! 🔥"