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Another woke company trying to cram their views down users’ throat

By transist0r   

This app is garbage.

2022.06.29 21:56:37
Worst App seriously waste of time

By Aghggjbb   

Have been using the app for a couple weeks and it is seriously lacking. This is the only dating app that I have used where there is no political party affiliation selection, seriously this is 2022 and it’s extremely important to many when choosing a partner, get with the times CMB. I don’t want to waste my time getting to know someone just to find out they hold opposite political views, I will just stick to other dating apps where I can filter this out. For an app owned by women it’s not too women friendly by not allowing women to filter out those who vote against abortion rights. I guess there is some truth to CMB catering to white men as the Facebook group “CMB is racist” suggests. That is the only reason I can think of for them not including political party affiliations because it would impact white men the most as they tend to be more conservative, which has become really unpopular in the dating scene due to the overturning of roe v wade. Maybe if they included this important selection they will have higher amount of users.

2022.06.29 20:29:15
Uses Sex as Clickbait $$$

By 2nd Jesus   

I’ve started to realize these companies don’t make dating apps for people to actually meet and date but for customers to make in app purchases - pay more to “see who likes you” is really shallow and a soulless business model - earn coffee beans to send likes!
Using our natural desire to meet people to enrich yourself is lame - thought you were different but this is just another Tinder

2022.06.29 16:26:54

By ShikiyoIcari   

I’m not sure if the algorithm is trash or you get throttled for not being premium, maybe both. Don’t waste your time. Especially if you’re a guy, things are 100% slated against you.

2022.06.29 02:22:42
Awful App

By tenacity2986   

I have to say this is by far the worst dating app. The fact that you only get 20 selections per day is not enough since I swipe left to 19 out of the 20 girls. If I swipe right for 2 or 3, it’s because I know how awful my chances are of the connections from even responding. When matching with 1 person a day, you have a pretty low chance they’re going to like you as well, which basically means I open the app with no messages, new connections, or conversations. The only way to use this app is to swipe right for all 20 selections except all the girls are disgusting, and low quality. The closest thing I’ve met to a good dating app is Bumble. Tinder is awful too cause everyone is just flakey! They’re needs to be more commitment from both parties for each conversation/connection. There is no penalty for poor communication skills or behavior imho!

2022.06.28 04:53:58
Waste of time for me

By SunshineGrl26   

This is the ONLY dating app that I’ve been on that has resulted in zero conversation, let alone dates. Glad I only paid for premium for one month. This has been an exercise in futility. I’ve been on dates from all of the other apps out there so I think it’s CMB, not me.

2022.06.28 00:13:37
This app is scam app use hingo!!!!!!

By Real Person 119 119   

They are delete my review haha this is scammer app They ban with no reason, They didn't explain. They use fake name with no last name and they didn't verify anything but they request my verify and government ID They using robot to make to fake user Don't use this app !! use hinge !! They deleted my review haha scammer If you email them they are really rude, and no human respond. They didn't answer my questions 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 They app must be delete this scam app!!
They also selling users information this app must delete from apple store or android app store!!!!!!!

2022.06.27 22:11:00
The best dating app

By puzzled ellipse   

The best dating app, and the only dating app that actually works. But it doesn’t have my first language on it’s language list. It’s sad…

2022.06.27 20:09:07
Limited unless you pay

By imisstrump69   

Wow when like a day you’re being so generous and then you send a list of 10 people that doesn’t even refresh every day what a crappy app Do you want us to spend $25 a month on a app that nobody else is on because it’s so limited or do you want us to spend $25 to show how desperate regard to find desperate people I’m not that desperate sorry

2022.06.27 09:23:16
My match was a scammer

By yamannige77   

I liked this one woman, and was within proximity of my location, between 25 to 50 miles away. She asked to continue the convo via a social messaging app that I actually trust. Turns out, my match asked me to send photos of myself (you already know what I mean by that). I had to verify this person was real by asking to call “her.” My match never responded directly to my questions and felt they were too personal to ask. After that, I put “her” on blast and she just kept leaving me on Read status. I reported her on CMB and I deleted our conversation on the other app. Piece of advice for users: if someone takes it too far on any dating app you use, it’s time to say goodbye to them. They’re going to want to use scare tactics to get money from you. It’s so ridiculous because this happened to me several months ago on a different app. Report them by any means necessary. Good matches are hard to find these days 🙁

2022.06.27 08:23:49
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