Educare Demo Parent App for Parents

Calling all parents! Check out Educare Demo’s brand new Mobile app with an all-new user experience and push notifications. Get real-time access to attendance, assignments, news feed, scores, grades and more!

Now, instantly monitor live school activities, changes to grades and attendance with push notifications!

You can also use Educare Demo App for Parents:

• Access student homework assignments
• Real-time grades and attendance
• Teacher comments
• Single account for all children
• Daily bulletin board
• Course schedule
• Integrated family calendar
• Instant push notifications for every important activity or changes.
• Track each student with grade trends
• Real time medical report
• Real time messaging of teachers, students, other parents and school administrators.

You must be a parent of Educare Demo to use the App.

• Access to Educare Demo App is controlled by school administration
• Requires a wireless connection or mobile data plan
• Users must consent to receive push notifications when connecting to servers.