Welcome to preschool games for kids. Allow your child to experience their first day of school, ride the school bus, and walk the halls and classrooms of the school. Preschool games for kids is a tool for parents who want to help their children learn new skills while playing. Preschool games for kids is a safe place for children to play while being constantly challenged to learn new skills for kindergarten. Explore through the letters classroom where you can find different games like ABC for kids where you can paint the abc letter by letter from A to Z. You can also find the game to form words for children, where the child will learn to form words letter by letter in an educational and fun way. Do not forget to go through the numbers classroom, here you can find multiple math games for children, learn to count, add, subtract, multiply and the importance of signs. Explore all the game and touch everything you see and see what happens. Find the basket of basketball and have fun throwing balls to the basket. characteristics: - A very colorful educational application that helps children learn the alphabet in Spanish and English. - Educational and interactive math games. - Educational game of spelling words. -ABC letters in English and Spanish - Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and signs -Basketball game - Character selector boy or girl -Multiple languages ​​such as English and Spanish