Dialpad gives teams a single place to stay connected with a business communication platform that supports every kind of conversation. Whether sales or support, 1:1 or group meeting, Dialpad offers a solution that makes it easier to make smart calls both in and outside your business. Features that Matter: *A Single Platform* Calls, contacts, and messages—all your business communications right in the palm of your hand. *Switch Between Devices* Take calls on the go and switch between your laptop or deskphone to your iOS device in one tap. *Automatic Note-Taking* With Voice Intelligence™, calls are automatically transcribed and surfaced to you once you hang up, so you’re never second-guessing what was said. *Rich Contact Profiles* Contact profiles should include more than just a name and number. With Dialpad, access shared emails or upcoming events plus details from your CRM. *Coach From Anywhere* Monitor and coach calls from a single interface, even when you’re nowhere near a desk, with listen-in features.