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Unbroken Soul is a retro-style action platformer game. Run, jump and slash your way through the huge world of Alaron! The evil necromancer Elaniof has terrific plans for humanity... Tyrion, the king of Alaron is their last hope! Defeat countless enemies, region guardians and finish Elaniof in an epic adventure to save humanity from their terrible fate. The game includes · DINAMIC 2D ACTION: You must de precise! Swing, wall jump, double jump, fight enemies avoid obstacles and deadly traps! Super smooth and dynamic controls, you won't believe you are playing a mobile game! · 9 FANTASTIC REGIONS TO EXPLORE: From Insolo Desert, to Crisul's Fortress. ¡Prepare to explore all beautifully designed regions from the Dead's Reign! · 9 UNIQUE BOSSES: Each boss is a unique experience, different powers, different phases and without a doubt... A huge challenge! · UNLOCK DIFFERENT ABILITIES: You will start with a sword but don't worry, you will soon unlock a bow and amazing abilities and powers. · UPGRADE YOUR CHARACTER: Your enemies will be more and more powerful, be ready for them, upgrade your character with the different merchants in the reign. · PERSONALIZE CONTROLS: Do you like a Dpad? Do you prefer a joystick? Whatever your choice was, we've got you covered! Also, move and resize all controls to fit your needs. · MFI GAMEPAD COMPATIBLE: Completely optimized for MFI gamepads, Even on screen button will disappear when connecting a gamepad!


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