Lensa: photo editor & AI art
Portraits & pictures editor. AI photo enhancer: avatar maker and selfie camera
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best appreciate❤

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Developer Reply Reply Time 03/01/2024

Hey there! We appreciate your feedback! To achieve a stellar 5-star rating, what awesome additions or changes would you love to see?

02/29/2024 13:09:37

Very weird

02/28/2024 17:43:14

Save problem

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Developer Reply Reply Time 02/29/2024

Thank you for your 5 star rating. ❤️

02/28/2024 17:38:37

This is a useless app, it asks for money after login, nothing will happen without money.

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Developer Reply Reply Time 02/29/2024

Hi! Please note that you can edit photos in Lensa without a subscription! You can upload an unlimited number of photos and save 1 photo every day! Just note that all photo editor features will be available.

02/28/2024 10:48:53

Great App Something different

Developer Reply Reply Time 02/28/2024

Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!

02/28/2024 06:22:15


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Developer Reply Reply Time 02/28/2024

Thank you, keep using our app :)

02/27/2024 20:46:28

Rating this lensa app 5 stars because this app is worth it. The editing of this app is fantastic and fine. The Len's & the AI effects are Fabolous. Theirs no any bug during use lensa. I really like lensa. Highly recommended from my side 10/10.

0 0 (This Review has been Deleted)
02/27/2024 17:01:19

Charged for a free trial. beware you're being missold. The money has now been refunded but when I entered the free trial the funds for the year were withdrawn straight away. Also the avatars are amazing but it comes at an extra cost on top of whatever subscription you've got which I didn't know. Fair enough if I'm in a FREE trial and have to pay but if I've already been charged then I don't get the extra cost. Also the app has lots of bugs I couldn't leave the magic avatars screen to do anything

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By Lucy
Developer Reply Reply Time 02/27/2024

Hey there! In the free version, no payment information is required but with the trial, you can enjoy everything that comes with a subscription for 7 days. Please note that an annual subscription activates automatically after the trial and for this reason, the payment information is required automatically.

02/27/2024 16:41:39

good app not a free its paid for anything

Developer Reply Reply Time 02/27/2024

Thank you for your support

02/27/2024 14:25:14

nice app

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Developer Reply Reply Time 02/27/2024

We're committed to providing an excellent app! Thank you.

02/26/2024 23:38:59
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