Raiser is a collaborative platform that helps influencers increase their audience by offering optimization tools to gradually improve their channel content.

You can receive feedback on your videos to know how to improve.
You can know how attractive your next idea is for a future video.
You can collaborate with hundreds of other channels simply and quickly.

We provide you with Raiser's own statistics on your videos to determine which ones have a better performance and which ones reach people faster, this way, you will be able to validate soon if the titles of your videos are attracting new people.

Use our optimization features to find out which future idea could have the greatest impact.


Raiser is not a sub x sub platform.
Raiser is a third party application, it is not affiliated with any other platform.
In Raiser you cannot buy views, subs, or likes, since that goes against the policies. We are only a platform that helps videos reach new audiences. Users freely choose which video to watch and to which video to give feedback.