Hiking through the woods after hours of tracking an moose appears out of nowhere in the clearing ahead. As you grip the trigger, a dribble of sweat drips down your face. You're aware that you just have one opportunity. His ears flicker. You aim, hold your breath, and pull the trigger. Did this moment happen by chance? Not this time because you created a perfect combination of moose calls from your phone that lured that elusive monster moose to where you wanted him. Bagging an moose without the right gear is almost impossible. It's important to have a gun or bow you right for the job. Good hunters take everything they need to bag an moose with them into the woods. One of the most important tools for a successful hunt is a good moose call. No longer do you need drag along bulky moose hunting calls or the even more cumbersome moose horn. With this moose sounds and moose calls app you can simply select from a large selection of different moose sounds and moose antler thrashes to attract the moose to your hunting location. The sounds included are moose bull grunt, moose hunting calls, moose mating calls, moose moans, moose antler rattles, natural moose calls for hunting, moose calls for hunters, moose calls for big game hunting moose hunting calls and moose sounds just to name a few. You can play the sounds individually and set them to repeat after the amount of seconds that you desire. Or you can manually tap different sounds create a deadly combination of calls that will work perfectly for the moose you are hunting. So are you ready to stop leaving your moose hunting success to chance? If so download the Moose Magnet – Moose Calls app and get ready to bag a moose of a lifetime!