Your pirate team has found it!
Use jewels to build the Town on your island.

Travel through the ocean and solve sacred puzzles.
Be calm and happy when returning to home. Your island needs jewels to repair the old town.

Match the 3s of jewels and you will receive the great treasures!
Every mach3 level has its own unrepeatable style and unbelievable rewards:
+ diamonds
+ sapphires
+ brilliants
+ rubies... and sacred jewelry!

You need just combine jewels to make 3s or more similar gems in a row. New free match game:
- Lots of interesting puzzles! And each 2 weeks there will be more!
- Beautiful and calm island, where you can build your own Town.
- Use a sacred Portal to find the new territories!

- Nice pirates! Master the difficulties making super combinations with gems!
- Lots of bonuses and daily rewards will help you to solve all puzzles and collect all diamonds-jewels.

- You can play offline!
- It’s absolutely free match 3 game, but you can buy some additional moves or other game features.
- No ads.

"Treasure hunters" - the world of match 3 adventures in your smartphone.
Play match-3 game about pirates and treasures. At the "mach 3" levels you will find a lot of puzzles, beautiful animations, and useful bonuses.

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