Carousell is a community marketplace/classifieds platform in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia that lets you buy \u0026 sell everything from fashion, beauty products, handphones, computers, furniture, books, luxury goods, cars, bikes, houses \u0026 home services (aircon, renovation, carpentry, home repair, cleaning, movers \u0026 delivery). Declutter your closet, room, or home by putting them up for sale on Carousell - the best place to find a new home for your pre-loved items! When buying and selling lead to greater possibilities, Everyone Wins! Running out of space for new purchases? ★ Open an account for free ★ Create listings in 30s to sell or shop online from a massive online marketplace ★ Set up your own mobile \u0026 web e-commerce store quickly \u0026 seamlessly – as easy as posting on Instagram ★ Buy \u0026 sell new or secondhand items with ease for free ★ Customise search with keywords for fast \u0026 easy shopping FOR SELLERS ★ Offer your preloved items to free up your garage \u0026 make money too ★ Snap, List, Sell: free listings with up to 10 photos to sell your new, used, 2nd hand items ★ Offer goods for sale, services, jobs, property and cars up ★ Share listings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram \u0026 Whatsapp ★ Gain a good reputation by earning positive feedback from other Carousellers ★ Boost credibility by connecting via Facebook, email \u0026 SingPass ★ CarouBiz - Carousell for Business, a new subscription service to access our premium suite of tools to help support business branding and operations FOR BUYERS ★ Browse second hand branded goods like designer bags, sneakers, clothing, makeup, beauty products \u0026 watches ★ Improve your home with our services category offering Aircon, Renovation, Repairs, Cleaning \u0026 Movers / Delivery Services or our Home \u0026 Living category offering great deals for furniture \u0026 electronics, like sofa \u0026 TV ★ Enjoy the weekends by buying a used console like Playstation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox to rest \u0026 relax ★ Not sure what fits your electronics needs? Popular electronics stores are on Carousell! Find electronic gadgets like earphones, tablets, phones \u0026 TVs ★ It is a treasure trove of unique, vintage or limited edition items! Use the price filters to find deals up to 99% off retail price for great savings! ★ Safer transactions using Carousell Protection CAROUSELL PROPERTY ★ Looking to sell Property? Do it yourself without real estate agents on Carousell - read the resources available on our Carousell blog \u0026 become a property guru. Selling property has never been easier ★ Start your home search on Carousell with thousands of real estate listings broken down by properties for sale \u0026 properties for rent ★ Find property on Carousell with 1000+ of properties for sale such as condos for sale, townhouses for sale, apartments for sale, foreclosed for sale, house and lot for sale ★ Start your property journey by buying or renting your next property on Carousell. Browse Condos rentals or Condos For sale to find your perfect home ★ Rent office space, hire moving services and furnish it with office furniture ★ Filter by location \u0026 price to find your cosy condo or luxury real estate ★ Deal with real estate agents or direct owners for a smove transaction CAROUSELL AUTOS, MOTORBIKES AND ACCESSORIES ★ Looking for a car finder? Buying a car or bike on Carousell is easy ★ Search for cars for sale or motorbikes for sale \u0026 filter by used / new cars or types of cars / motorcycles for sale ★ Deal directly with users \u0026 start your car buying journey with Carousell ★ Accessorise your ride or service your vehicle by searching for workshops and accessories ★ Read content from Oneshift to learn more about buying a used car under our used cars for sale category \u0026 be a smart \u0026 safe motorist ★ Selling cars is simpler on Carousell Other countries supported: Australia, Canada, New Zealand. Not all features are available in all countries. Terms of Use: