Always Stay connected to the people you care about! Alert Family allows you to view your family members on a map, talk to them and also receive panic alert notifications when your loved ones are at risk. They can send out live alerts, SMS or start streaming live audio so that you can monitor their surroundings. Benefits and Features * See real-time locations of your family members on a single map.  * Track historical locations of where someone has been. * Chat with other family members on a family chat group or 1-on-1 * Call family members or join family conference line * In case of Emergency, send a panic alert to your family members with a single button press. Your family members will be notified with an alarm and notification instantaneously. * Along with panic alert, users can broadcast a live audio stream to be monitored by other family members. * Family members can schedule events and tasks in a family Calendar. * Guardians can sign up for an account and add family members. Guardians can also specify benefits and privilege level for members. * Guardians can set privacy settings and turn off location sharing if they wish to. * Alert Family interoperates with other Apps in SurroundApps suite. Users can cross-launch VoIP calling with WalkieTalkieComms, share pictures with OurOwnPics, and participate in Work tasks with WorkTogether.