Measures distances between two points in a three dimensions ( 3D ) environment using the latest technology of Augmented Reality ( AR ). This means, you can use it for measurement of length, height, depth or width. There is a wide variety of possibilities you can benefit from this Augmented Reality app: measure your living room, doors, frames, furniture, tv, monitors, even your own height. Thanks to AR, you can place or tag your measurements on any object, you could move around and continue with other objects, if you want to come back, all previous data will stay where you left them (only on active sessions). Numbers given by this app are accurate, just use it following these steps: 1) Move your device from left to right. Do it until you see yellow dots. 2) Yellow dots mean that surface is recognized. 3) Place your first point using button ( + ). 4) Move camera to the second spot and place another point. 5) Now you can read distance between these points.