The easiest way to chat with friends, coworkers, and the people you care about – hmu. hmu keeps everyone connected. Join group calls of up to 300 people and easily share photos and videos while in the call, all for free. hmu is available across all iOS devices. • Add contacts – Search for your friends and coworkers on the app, and add them to your contact list in order to engage in group calls. • Voice calls – Make voice calls to anyone in the world on hmu, completely free of charge. Add up to 300 people to each call, and hangout, work, or just chat with friends. • Call history – You can always see who you called and what calls you were a part of, so you can always stay in the loop. • Group calling – Add 2 or 300 friends to a group call, and chat away with HD voice calling capability. • Share – Share photos and videos with everyone in a group call. Simply select the “plus” button and add new or old photos and videos to the call. No need to switch between your texts and calls in order to share media. Now you can chat and share all in the same place. Our photo and video sharing is also significantly faster than standard text messaging services. You can now chat and share all in the same place. Welcome to hmu.