S3 Manager for AWS S3 (Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service) is the simplest way to connect to your S3 buckets and to upload, download and view files on your mobile device. - View images, documents, and play videos and audio files - Download files to your Photo library and to the Files app - Upload files from your Photo library and from the Files app - Upload multiple photos from your Photo library in parallel - Save connections for easy access - Connect to any S3-compatible service A large number of file types can be viewed in the app: - All standard image formats, plus many RAW camera formats - Play video and audio files - All document types supported by iOS can be previewed You can connect to any S3-compatible storage service, including any that you run on-premise. All you need is the service’s URL to connect to, which you can enter in the connection settings. To easily share a file, you can copy its URL with a tap of a button. For files that are not public, you can copy a unique URL that is valid for 24 hours. Security features: When you save a connection, S3 Manager stores the connection credentials in the device's Keychain, a secure storage with built-in encryption that is managed by the device's operating system (iOS). Your credentials never leave your device, and no other app on your device has access to them. To further improve security, you can enable authentication to protect your saved connections from unauthorized access. When authentication is enabled, you are prompted to complete Touch ID (or Face ID, if available) when you open the app. Credits: Folder icon made by Roundicons Freebies from www.flaticon.com