ScoreLynx is native iPhone/iPad application that gives golfers a live leader board during golf tournaments, golf outings, or casual multi-foursome rounds. For the competitive golfer or golf team captains, having the ability to know where you stand in the tournament at any point in time can be the difference between winning and losing in your event. ScoreLynx setup for tournaments or multi-foursome play is fast and easy. Just create a unique "group name", then create a new game for their group. When the game is created you define the game type (several common games are available), skins type, course (you can easily create a custom course if your course is not available yet), and the tees to be played. You can also setup the game/skins payouts by specify the per player ante for each. For games you can setup the percent payout for each place your game pays off. The app will compute all your game and skins payouts and list each players payout amount. So when all the players scores are in, all that's left is to divide up the money and congratulate the winners. Users designated as their team's score keeper setup their foursome in much the same way they would on a paper score card. They add a team, and then add players to the team. Then hit "Start Scoring" and you'll see the leaderboard. By turning the device sideways a scorecard appears that allows a score keeper to enter each player's hole by hole gross score. The application figures out your net depending on the game type being played. Turning the phone back to portrait returns you to the leaderboard. The leaderboard is automatically refreshed as other players scores are posted. The leaderboard can be viewed by team, player, skins or payouts. Tapping a player on the leaderboard opens that players "mini" scorecard so you can see any players hole by hole gross and net scores. That’s it! It’s simple and easy to use, but will make you feel like a pro as you play through your round always knowing where you stand relative to the field. To tryout ScoreLynx you can use the generic group name of "Demo". Choose an existing game there or create a new one. Enter your own teams and players and then checkout the leaderboard. Try posting some sample scores.