Are you a pet fan? Would you like to save your pets trapped by monsters? We are on a rescue mission. Lives depend on you!! Get ready to save your puppy & his friends, from hell lot of monsters. This is a fun tricky puzzle game. There are multiple choices shown & you have to select the correct one. Your mission is simple, pull the pin & save your puppy from monsters. One wrong move, your puppy will be in grave danger. Each level is unique with so many different challenges waiting for you to solve this brainy puzzle. Let’s go on a rescuing mission. Watch out! Stay away from bombs & hidden Traps. Use your brain to solve the puzzle. Don’t get fooled. Use your brainy skills & pull the pin to save your puppy. Unlike any crazy puzzle games, puppy rescue game has more strategic, fun & adventures. Explore the most fascinating puzzle rescue game “Save the Puppy”. Download the crazy puzzle game now!! Save the Puppy Highlights: Crazy Rescue Puzzle Game Enjoy the fun of pulling pins. Different types of levers & traps. Simple but tricky challenging games. Fun brainy rescue game challenges. Real-time updated puzzle game levels. Rescue the puppy & collect your bonus Escape & solve the tricky puzzle game. Relaxing and challenging puzzles. Do you think you are smart enough to overcome all obstacles & save your puppy in this rescue mission? Let’s get started!!! Privacy Policy: