Videoloft is a simple, secure and affordable way to centralise your camera footage and transform your legacy surveillance system into a powerful cloud-based Video Management System. Videoloft is the ultimate cloud-based CCTV viewer app and recorder backup solution that lets you remotely access live and recorded CCTV footage from your IP cameras, NVRs, or DVRs. With Videoloft, you can easily back up your local recorder or record straight to the cloud, eliminating the need for a physical recorder altogether. The app works seamlessly with most leading CCTV camera brands, including Hikvision, Univew, Dahua, Axis, Lorex, and many more. All your cameras, in one place - Videoloft lets you see all your cameras in one place, so is perfect for businesses who have cameras in multiple locations, perhaps with different brands and who are looking for a way to view all these cameras at the same time in one central platform, rather than logging in to lots of different native applications. Instant access to your cameras, from anywhere - With the Videoloft cloud video surveillance app, you can watch live feeds and recorded videos from your IP cameras, NVRs, or DVRs straight from your phone, anywhere and at any time. You can also connect a local monitor to the Videoloft Cloud Adapter to watch live camera feeds on a local display. Make lost footage a thing of the past - Secure offsite backup of your local recordings, protecting against recorder malfunction, damage, or theft. Or, record straight to the cloud at up to 4K(8MP) resolution, and access footage on the go with the Videoloft mobile app or view the live streams on a local display. When it comes to user permissions, you’re in control - Add additional users to view subsets of your cameras. This feature is perfect if your business has multiple sites or offices, because it means you’re able to add people to see footage that’s most important or relevant to them. There are no additional user fees, and no limits on the number of users you can invite! Best of all, you have complete control over what cameras they see, and what permissions they have. Upgrade, don’t replace - Videoloft offers broad compatibility, giving you flexibility when selecting the security hardware, including Hikvision, Univew, Dahua, Axis, TVT, Lorex, and many more. It also works with a wide range of other IP cameras that support ONVIF, such as Amcrest, Bosch, H-View, Panasonic, Wisenet, Onwote, Sony, Vivotek. With Videoloft's easy set-up, you can remotely install the cloud VMS without any port forwarding or router configuration required. All you need is a Videoloft Cloud Adapter. COMPATIBLE CAMERAS, NVRs AND DVRs With a Videoloft Cloud Adapter, our software works with all Axis IP cameras, all Hikvision IP cameras, Hikvision NVRs & Hikvision DVRs (including Hikvision OEMs; full list available below), all Dahua IP cameras, Dahua NVRs & Dahua DVRs, Lorex and all Uniview IP cameras, Uniview NVRs & Uniview DVRs. In addition to Axis, Dahua, Lorex, Hikvision and Uniview, Videoloft also works with a wide range of other IP cameras which support ONVIF: Amcrest, Bosch, H-View, Panasonic, Wisenet, Onwote, Sony, Vivotek. Hikvision OEM brands: - 3xLogic - ADJ - Advidia (Video Insight / Panasonic brand) - Alibi (Supercircuits) - Ameta - Annke - Armix - Avue - DMP - Elisa Live - Epcom - Global Network Security - GVS Security - HES Supply - Hikvision - Hills - Hitosino - Honeywell - Hunt CCTV - Interlogix (UTC) - Invidtech - Jlinks - KT&C - LaView - LTS - Nelly's Security - Norelco SafeCam / Spider Vue / Invezia - Northern (Tri-Ed) - Oco - Onix - Power Technology - Safire - Sannce - Security Camera Warehouse - SecurityTronix - Sentry CCTV - Siqura / TKH - SnapAV / Wirepath - Swann - Syscom - Techpro - Trendnet - Vantage Security - W Box (ADI) - Winic - Xyclop For our full terms of service and our privacy policy please visit and