Learn languages through conversation. Have fun making new friends from different cultures and backgrounds. Meet often to improve fluency. 通过对话学习语言。结交来自不同文化和背景的新朋友。经常见面以提高口语流利度。 Whatever language you speak, connect through the app instantly and start chatting. 无论您讲哪一种语言,都可以通过该应用程序立即连接并开始聊天。 Idyoma is a community for like-minded language learners eager to reach fluency in whatever language they hope to master. Idyoma是一个为志同道合的语言学习者提供的网络社区。这些学习者渴望流利地掌握各种他们希望掌握的语言。 *The app is and will always be free.* *该应用程序是免费的,而且永远是免费的* This is possible as we present you with language learners nearby who already speak the language you want to learn and are looking to learn the language you already know. This way you can take turns speaking in each other's’ native languages - both learning! 这是可以实现的,因为我们为您介绍附近的语言学习者,他们已经会说您想要学习的语言,并且希望学习您熟悉的语言。这样你就可以轮流说对方的母语了——双方都在学习! This form of language exchange allows for the perfect opportunity for users to learn about each other's cultures and backgrounds. 这种语言交流形式为用户提供了一个了解彼此文化和背景的绝佳机会。 The app works particularly well when traveling! 这个应用程序在旅行时特别好用! KEY FEATURES 主要特点 - Connect with language learners nearby, by intuitively swiping through profiles -通过直观地浏览个人资料,与附近的语言学习者联系 - Unlike Tinder or Bumble, we are not a dating app. Swiping right or left simply helps you navigate through profiles. There’s no rejection in idyoma! -与Tinder或Bumble不同,我们不是约会应用程序。 向右或向左滑动仅可帮助您浏览配置文件。在idyoma谁都无法“拒绝”你! - Select up to 3 language(s) you speak and up to 3 that you are practicing -选择最多3种您熟练掌握的语言和最多3种您正在练习的语言 - Customize a profile, add multiple photos and leave comments on how your conversations went -自定义个人资料,添加多张照片,并对您的对话进行评论 - Form group chats with users around the world -与世界各地的用户进行群聊 - Instantly translate messages from users -即时翻译来自用户的消息 - Connect with verified users; who have securely registered their identity with us: verified users display a badge on their profile -与已验证的用户连接;他们已安全地向我们注册了身份:已验证的用户在其个人资料上显示徽章 - Match with users on the basis of shared interests -基于共同利益与用户匹配 - Discover language partners in different locations using the “Worldwide” function -使用“全球”功能发现不同位置的语言伙伴 - Login with Facebook or with Email -使用Facebook或电子邮件登录 GET STARTED 开始 - Choose 1 to 3 languages you want to practice. -选择1到3种你想练习的语言。 - Choose 1 to 3 languages you know and how well you speak them. -选择1到3种你知道的语言,以及你的口语熟练程度。 - Select your proficiency in each language you select (that you are learning or can already speak). -选择你所选择的每种语言的熟练程度(你正在学习或已经会说的)。 - Browse local users by clicking “People” on the bottom tab. -通过单击底部选项卡上的“人员”浏览本地用户。 - Click on their photo to view their profile. -点击他们的照片来查看他们的个人资料。 - Read their description, comments made by previous language partners, check their distance, and see if you share any mutual friends. -阅读他们的描述,以前的语言伙伴的评论,检查他们的距离,看看你是否有共同的朋友。 - Swipe right or click the “Send message” button at the bottom of the screen to start chatting. -右击或点击屏幕底部的“发送信息”按钮开始聊天。 - Translate any text to better understand your new friend. -翻译任何文本以更好地了解你的新朋友。 - Get to know each other and organize a meetup! -互相了解,组织一次会面! Find out more at idyoma.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 更多信息请访问 idyoma.com 网站或者在 Facebook 和Twitter 上关注我们。 Contact: info@idyoma.com or message us on Twitter or Facebook! 联系人:info@idyoma.co。或者在Twitter或Facebook上给我们留言! Push notifications will be used for new messages and new comments 当有新邮件和新评论时,您会收到推送通知。 GPS is used to locate users around you GPS 被用来定位你周围的用户 GPS runs in the background while the app is in use. Continuous use of GPS can drain battery. 应用程序使用时,GPS在后台运行。连续使用GPS会耗尽电池电量。 应用程序内部有一个选项,可以支付指定的经常性金额,该金额将在应用程序中显示,并且会因您的本地货币而异。这是一项可选的定期定期收费,使您可以发起与其他任意多个用户的对话。选择不支付该经常性每月金额将导致您可以发起的新对话数量受到限制。对于非付费用户,此上限将在应用程序内部可见,并且每个月重置一次。在任何情况下都不会限制接收消息。 https://www.idyoma.com/terms-of-service https://www.idyoma.com/privacy-policy