Download this app for success in calling coyotes, foxes, bobcats, wolves, and other predators in. Field proven. Unlike other predator calling apps on the market, this one was designed with you, the hunter in mind. Everything is on one screen. When you're out in cold weather, the last thing you want to be doing is navigating through many screens to get to the sounds and controls. This app solves that problem. When you start this app up, it's ready to go. The sounds on this calling app have brought much success to those who've used it through the years. This is the only predator calling app you'll ever need for bringing in and locating coyotes, foxes, bobcats, mountain lions, lynx, bears and much more. You can play multiple sounds together at the same time, and it can also loop individual sounds so they play non-stop. Sounds will continue playing if your device goes into sleep mode, is locked, or if you minimize the app. You can use your own Bluetooth wireless or wired speaker/amplifier by connecting it to the headphone jack for added volume to aid in long-distance calling. This will be especially useful when crow hunting as you want to be able to broadcast your sounds to much further distances to bring them in to you. Includes the following 12 sounds: Coyotes Howling Coyote Siren Locator Mountain Lion Fox Mating Call Baby Rabbit Distress 1 Baby Rabbit Distress 2 Baby Rabbit Distress 3 Cottontail Distress Mockingbird Distress Robin Distress Sparrow Distress Rodent Distress