Mobile Golf Tempo Training App allows any golfer to mimic the swing of the Pros, improving distance and accuracy, potentially making the need for bunkers obsolete! Mobile Golf Tempo is the best way to master long and short game with a smooth swing rhythm as well as putting distance control.  Professional golfers regularly work their tempo so why not you? Teaching pros agree that consistent tempo is an important aspect of the golf swing. A very slow tempo is something golfers of all levels should avoid. This app allows golfers to establish the tempo of the tour pros and a fluid rhythm in order to add length to their shots, consistency across their game and distance control. The “Swing ratio” is the time it takes to complete the backswing as compared to the downswing. A swing ratio of 3:1 means the backswing is three times as long as the downswing. This swing ratio can vary across club selection or shot type. For example, many touring pros use a swing ratio of 3:1 for their driver with a ratio of 2.1:1 when making their putts.  By simply reacting to visual, audial or vibrational signals delivered through your iPhone, you can begin your backswing, start your downswing, and make impact with the golf ball at precisely the correct tempo and timing. It’s just that simple! There is even and optional additional tone for golfers who utilize a swing trigger (any kind of move that takes place just before golfers start their swing) in their game.  Visit our blog at to learn to control distance in short game using Mobile Golf Tempo. For the demanding golfers, Mobile Golf Tempo allows them to change all parameters of the tempo. Features: * Simple and advanced mode * Possibility to create a WAV file containing audio sequences from your tempo to be played by your iPod mini for example * The only tempo app fully configurable that allows slow tempo (useful for senior players) as well as extremely fast tempo like the faster pros on tour, and all in between  * One of the only tempo apps that allows you to break rules and experiment all you want: swing ratio can be changed from 1.00:1 to 4.25:1  * Opportunity to have different tempos for each club (including the putter) * Tempo is expressed in different ways, one of which is textual (too slow, slow, relax, animated, lively, fast, very fast, explosive and too fast) * 7 preset tempos corresponding to the majority of touring pros * Ability to adjust the human reaction time to the sound. So, you only have to react to the tones * Ability to take into account the time of a possible swing trigger (ritual) * Animation of the swing (driver, iron, full swing wedge, ¾ swing wedge, ½ swing wedge, ¼ swing wedges and putter), right-handed and left-handed. The movement of the golfer reflects your settings (e.g. the swing trigger and the human reaction time to sound). * Possibility to select a random time between the sound sequences * Metronome * Vibrate mode * Compatible with the Suunto G6 watch * Languages: French, English and Spanish * Train your tempo memory * Learning mode * Offline documentation with technical advices If you're not getting sound from Mobile Golf Tempo App, please check the "Mute" side switch located near the volume button. The reason why some apps (like Music) played sound and others didn't is because individual iOS apps can decide whether their audio should play regardless of the mute switch state. Many golf clubs prohibit the sounds of phones, and that's why the sound of Mobile Golf Tempo app does not play when you use side switch to mute the phone. This is a normal and standard feature, so please don't write negative comments for something that's absolutely logical!