Create your own hero! Save your kingdom from an invasion by evil forces and craft your character into an undefeatable hero! ◎ Key Features: - Medieval war defence game where you control your units one by one. - Attack physics driven enemy bases. - 90 challenging and exciting stages across 6 parts. - 24 awesome soldiers to use and improve. - 43 enemy units to defeat. - 28 skills and items can be earned which will turn the tide of the war! - This game is both challenging and enjoyable with 86 achievements to be unlocked. ◎ Synopsis: The king who stopped the powers of an evil force has finally been slain. The evil force has conquered the human kingdom and made them all into their slaves. But there is a hope... Brilliant war commanders are assembled and you are elected as a head. Now you must choose your own way to defeat the evil force. * Sorry we cannot support iPad 1gen.