Chat & talk to Alyssa, the realistic looking Virtual & AR girl simulator.

Alyssa is a gorgeous, smart, communicative and flirty girl who is always ready to talk on any topic. Be nice to her, like every girl Alyssa also have and express emotions when she is happy, sad, flirty... You can also help her workout, play tic-tac-toe with her and while she is dancing you can have fun while you "make it rain".

- Realistic looking, intelligent, talking girl with life-like facial expressions, emotions and movement
- You can chat or talk to Alyssa on any subject and she remembers what you said about yourself, like your name, age, favorite color...
- Everything can be used in AR - Augmented Reality (only ARCore supported devices)
- Play fun games with her, including "Make it rain - Dance", "Workout" and "Tic-Tac-Toe" while earning hearts
- Change her clothes, hairstyle and environment to your desire by spending earned hearts

- Due to 3D realism, low-end devices aren't supported.
- Requested permissions are necessary for using this application and they are safe to approve, otherwise, the application may not work properly.
- Application only supports English at the moment, in the future other languages will be added.

Be free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you for supporting us, we will continue improving and updating the application so expect much more in the future!