Mental Hospital VI - a first-person stealth horror that will immerse you in a profound atmosphere of terror.

You are a reporter for a local newspaper. After receiving a message from your friend Ada about mystical events at the Santa Monica psychiatric hospital, where the most hopeless psychos from all states are housed, you decide to investigate on site. Your video camera will be your faithful companion in the darkness of this nightmare. But be careful: the story you've stumbled upon will keep you up at night...
Why you should download Mental Hospital VI right now:

→ Expect to encounter terrifying monsters and beasts.
→ Navigate through numerous levels, each with its own mysteries and dangers.
→ Your video camera will become an indispensable ally, especially in the dark.
→ An engaging plot that will make your heart race.
→ Next-gen graphics for mobile devices.
→ A game without hidden purchases.
→ This is the ideal horror game with intense gameplay, sudden events, and a gut-wrenching atmosphere.

Reminder: play only in daylight and never alone!