Start an exciting farming tour in The Tribez \u0026 take your family with you! The Tribez is not just one of the island games, farm adventures or family games: it’s a city-building simulator \u0026 an adventure, featuring a charming tribe which lead a peaceful village life, growing crops and taming cute pets! Travel to a settlement on a lost island, discover an adorable tribe of virtual villagers, \u0026 start improving the village, upgrading it into a beautiful town. Besides farming, growing crops, tending to your very own garden, \u0026 gathering the harvest when it\u0027s ripe, you\u0027ll get to engage in tons of exciting activities that other village games simply don\u0027t have. Plant a crop, harvest it, stock up on hay for the horses, repeat. The Tribez is a vibrant farm adventure full of amazing stories, charming characters, \u0026 heartwarming moments. Explore one of the most unusual farm adventures out there! There are also countless village life adventures awaiting you on the lost island: each time you unravel a valley in the mist, it gives you a place to build \u0026 also grow crops! Be sure to share this pure joy with your family, because it’s the best farm adventure for your family that you ever saw! KEY FEATURES: ✔This unique farm adventure works when you\u0027re offline too – play it on a plane, in the subway or in the car. The cozy village on the lost island is yours to enjoy wherever you are! ✔Simple, intuitive controls that even the youngest member of your family will be able to manage. ✔Adorable virtual villagers who will soon become family to you! Meet the farmer, the builder, the tax collector, \u0026 many others! ✔A beautiful world of village life, farming, \u0026 adventure that will immerse you instantly. ✔Tons of amazing constructions that you can build to make your island unique ✔Lively animations make the prehistoric world come to life. You\u0027ll be mesmerized by how this island game depicts in detail the builders who work on construction sites \u0026 the farmers who harvest crops. ✔Tons of items, tribe characters, buildings, \u0026 decorations that few farm adventures can offer. ✔Truly endless possibilities: go in for farming, build your own Stone Age town, produce goods, grow veggies \u0026 fruit, harvest land \u0026 sea resources, increase your population, expand your borders, \u0026 attempt to build the best farmland in the world. It’s the ultimate farm adventure \u0026 one of the best family island games ever! The game uses in-app purchases. In-app purchases can speed up gameplay. Official Page on Facebook: Privacy policy: