Embark on an epic intergalactic journey as you take command of the last spaceship standing, defending Earth against relentless alien swarms in Galaxy Arena Space Shooter! Your mission is nothing short of saving the entire Universe from the clutches of its evil adversaries. Brace yourself for an intense space shooting experience where you'll face an ever-growing legion of enemies from the infinity galaxy. As the stakes rise, earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft, unlocking its full lethal potential to obliterate any threat in your path. **HOW TO PLAY Galaxy Arena Space Shooter:** - Navigate your space ship with simple touch controls, strategically eliminating all enemies in your way. - Collect valuable items to upgrade and customize your weapons, enhancing your chances of survival in the cosmic battlefield. **FEATURES Galaxy Arena Space Shooter:** - Immerse yourself in high-quality visuals optimized for tablets and large screens, delivering a visually stunning gaming experience. - Unleash active skills during intense space battles, adding a strategic layer to your galactic encounters. - Conquer 50 challenging levels across various difficulties, each presenting unique missions to test your skills. - Dive into beautifully crafted levels with immersive objectives that will keep you engaged throughout your cosmic journey. - Prepare for multiple extreme boss battles that will push your abilities to the limit. - Upgrade your arsenal with advanced guns and lasers, ensuring you're always equipped to face the escalating threats in the vastness of space. Experience the thrill of classic space combat in this new arcade shooting game. Galaxy Arena Space Shooter promises non-stop action, visually stunning landscapes, and an arsenal of powerful upgrades to make you the ultimate savior of the Universe. Are you ready to face the cosmic challenge and emerge victorious in this battle against the forces of evil? Download now and become the hero Earth desperately needs!