The best app for SERIOUS Spanish learners Welcome to Fluency, the ultimate destination for those eager and serious about mastering the Spanish language. Our app, designed by avid language learners just like you, offers a revolutionary approach to language acquisition, making the journey to fluency not just a dream, but an achievable goal. Why Fluency stands out: All-Inclusive Language Learning Platform: Fluency brings together all essential elements of language learning - vocabulary enhancement, grammar understanding, pronunciation perfection, and conversational practice, encapsulated within one innovative app. AI-Powered Learning Experience: Dive into the future of language learning with our advanced AI technology. It provides a unique, stress-free environment for you to practice speaking and comprehension, ensuring your learning process is as efficient as it is enjoyable. Optimized Learning Techniques: Our methods aren't just innovative; they're scientifically proven. With strategies inspired by extensive academic research, Fluency guarantees a faster and more effective learning curve. Fluency is the language learning app made for serious language learners. No more child's play and games that seem like they were made for kids. If you are serious about learning Spanish this is the app for you. Core Features: Vocabulary Mastery: Embrace the power of the popular Anki style spaced repetition with our flashcards, designed for long-term word retention. Experience the benefits of contextual learning, a method celebrated for its effectiveness in language acquisition. Our vocabulary words are sourced from millions of hours of Spanish television. They are then sorted and shown to you in order of how frequently they are seen in real life. This means that you learn the words you need in the order you need them. Practical Conversations: Test your skills with engaging mock conversations, simulating real-life interactions to prepare you for the world beyond the classroom. Daily Lessons: Our daily lessons focus on grammar and pronunciation, laying down the foundation for a robust understanding of Spanish as recommended by experts. Immersive Stories: Dive into daily stories that not only bolster your comprehension but also enrich your vocabulary. Through these narratives, you'll refine your expressive abilities, a crucial aspect of language mastery. A Research-Driven Journey: Fluency's foundation is built upon solid academic research. Every aspect of our app is meticulously crafted to ensure you're learning Spanish in the most efficient manner possible. A Stress-Free Learning Environment: Forget the fear of speaking a new language. Fluency offers a comforting, AI-enhanced space where you can learn at your own pace, free from anxiety. Join a Community of Learners: By choosing Fluency, you join a vibrant community of Spanish learners. Regardless of your starting point or objective, our app is designed to meet your language learning needs, offering a path to fluency that is both engaging and effective. Begin Your Journey Today: Elevate your Spanish with Fluency. Download now and embark on a transformative journey toward achieving language fluency. Embark on your language learning adventure with Fluency, where each lesson brings you closer to mastery. Our app is not just about learning Spanish; it's about transforming the way you connect with the world. With Fluency, you don't just learn Spanish; you live it. Welcome to a new era of language learning. Welcome to Fluency. SUBSCRIPTION You will need a subscription in order to access the features mentioned above. Each subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period. Should you cancel a subscription, you will have access to the features until the end of the current payment period. Terms of Use: