Welcome to Stratos, the pioneering app that’s reshaping General Aviation. Crafted with expertise by pilots, for pilots, Stratos eliminates gaps in general aviation, integrating state-of-the-art technology with a vibrant community. Boasting a sleek design, innovative proprietary algorithms, solid architecture, and a swift, responsive platform, Stratos stands as the go-to, reliable app for General Aviation pilots. **Explore Airports and Nearby Activities** • Unlock the world with our intelligent map feature, designed to help you discover airports and intriguing nearby attractions, worldwide. • Filter airfields near your home airport or anywhere you're headed to effortlessly plan your next trip. • Find airports with amenities like Restaurants, Museums, Parks, and Beaches. • Visualize your frequented and favorite airports on our map, sparking ideas for your next adventure. **Flight Tracking and Performance Analysis** • Log your flight tracks with unmatched precision, utilizing your plane’s transponder data. • Our innovative flight track finder technology allows for post-flight logging, letting you concentrate fully on your flying experience. • Employ flight debriefs and journals as a reflective tool, turning every flight into an opportunity for growth. • Self-rate your performance and monitor your improvement with our advanced analytics tools. • Log flights from as far back as 2011, offering a comprehensive view of your flying history. **Social Networking for Aviators** • Make connections worldwide with pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. • Discover and meet up with pilots in your area, enhancing your local aviation community. • Our end-to-end encrypted chat ensures secure, private communications with fellow pilots. **Why Stratos?** • Access an extensive database of airports and a unique feature for exploring nearby attractions. • Benefit from detailed flight logging and performance tracking to refine your piloting skills. • Gain personalized insights and visualize your progress in the pilot’s seat. • Join a worldwide community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts eager to connect and share. • And… this is just Version 1.0 of Stratos! Buckle up for what's coming! Embrace the future of general aviation with Stratos. Join us today and see where your journey takes you.