It is Puppy Dress up Time! From Fashion Shoes to Super Fancy Hats, Puppy Dress up has all stores that you dream to make your puppy Cute! Try now! Lets Make all Puppies to looks CUTE in this new Puppy Dress up Game! Lots of Stylish Items available. Enter each store to get yours! Shoes, Hats, Dresses, Pants, Shirts, Glasses, and even super cool Hairs! It is easy and fun to play. Just walk around the city swiping screen right to left, when you see a nice store just tap on store to enter. Once inside store say hello to Puppy owners! : ) To the right you have the items sections, just tap any item you like to change dress Puppy. You can always chose other item or tap on the blinking item to undress puppy. To the left of the store you will see the SURPRISE machines! There you will have to tap on machine to get your surprises. Good luck! This is a game for any ages.. Thanks for playing Puppy dress UP! Have a great time and do not forget to rate puppy game on Store so more levels and new games are added.