Midori is a comprehensive Japanese-English, English-Japanese dictionary. It's a perfect tool for Japanese learners, with 910,000 entries, 150,000 example sentences, and numerous features designed to enhance your Japanese learning experience. DICTIONARY ENTRIES • More than 190,000 word entries. Each entry shows readings, meanings, and a kanji breakdown. • More than 12,000 kanji entries. Each entry shows readings, meanings, and example compounds. • Example sentences with furigana (small hiragana above kanji) • Over 6,000 kanji with stroke order diagrams and stroke order animations • Over 730,000 Japanese proper names, place names, given names, company names and product names • Japanese pitch accent SEARCH & TRANSLATE • Search words by using kana or romaji, such as あき or aki • Search words by capturing a photo. (Note: Only horizontal text is supported.) • Search kanji by drawing them • Search kanji by combining radicals, e.g. 禾 + 火 -> 秋 • Search suggestion when the input is in a conjugated form, e.g. 走った -> 走る • Search with wildcard characters, e.g. 日*人 returns all words that start with 日 and end with 人 • Search with the SKIP system • Partial results when the full word is not found, e.g. searching for 青い本 returns the results for 青い and 本 • Fast incremental search gives you the result instantly as you type LISTS & BOOKMARKS • List of kanji as taught in Japanese schools from grade 1 to 6 • List of kanji by frequency as appeared in Japanese newspapers • List of kanji and words by Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) levels • Lists of hiragana and katakana, each with stroke diagram and animation • Bookmarks with folders support. You can export, import, or share bookmarks with your friends. OTHER FEATURES • Flashcards for bookmarked words and kanji • Audio pronunciations (via speech synthesis) • Create a vocabulary list with definitions from Japanese text in one tap • Scratch pad for practicing writing kanji on iPad • No internet connection required. The app is completely offline. • French and German definitions for some words • Universal app. Run on all your iOS devices, whether it's iPhone or iPad Follow us on Twitter at @MidoriApp Acknowledgements: This application has included material from the JMdict (EDICT, etc.), KANJIDIC2, ENAMDICT, and KRADFILE dictionary files in accordance with the licence provisions of the Electronic Dictionaries Research Group. See https://www.edrdg.org/