HODL? Blockchain? NFT? Cold Storage? Exchange? If you’ve been dabbling in Cryptocurrency, chances are you’ve seen these terms repeated - and then some! With Cryptocurrency and Blockchain becoming more of a household discussion on a daily basis, it’s time to understand what these terms are all about. Crypto Pie is a comprehensive dictionary of 200+ Cryptocurrency and Blockchain terms, all concisely written and easily explained for the average Jane and ordinary Joe. No computer science degree required! Already know the basics? Crypto Pie has an extensive term list; including General, Fundamental Crypto, Blockchain, Altcoin & Token, Web3 & Advanced Crypto. Each term is uniquely categorized to help you learn the ropes quicker. WHO IS THIS APP MADE FOR? ◆ Crypto Pie is made for anybody who is interested in learning about the components of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in easy-to-read definitions. WHAT IS THE APPS MAIN PURPOSE? ◆ Crypto Pie’s main purpose is providing a high-level explanation of 200+ terms you will often hear in the world of Cryptocurrency. WHY IS THIS APP NECESSARY? ◆ Whether you have no idea what Cryptocurrency or Blockchain are, or if you have a decent understanding, Crypto Pie aims to fill in the blanks. APP FEATURES: ● Clean and intuitive User Interface. ● 200+ terms organized in 6 categories: General Term, Fundamental Crypto, Blockchain, Altcoin & Token, Web3 & Advanced Crypto. ● All terms are uniquely designed according to their category. ● All term definitions are concisely written by humans to be understood by beginners. ● Audio pronunciation of all terms. ● Filter terms by difficulty level. ● Optional PREMIUM feature allows you to quickly and easily jump from relevant term to relevant term. No more wondering why your Uncle Greg is telling everybody he's HODLing. No more confusion when your neighbor tells you about her new ASIC miner. No more assuming Blockchain is a building-block toy. Crypto Pie. Learn Crypto. Easy as Pie! DISCLAIMER: CRYPTO PIE IS FOR GENERAL INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. CRYPTO PIE IS NOT FINANCIAL, LEGAL OR INVESTMENT ADVICE. YOU SHOULD SEEK PROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL, LEGAL AND INVESTMENT ADVICE IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING AN INVESTMENT.