This is a long-awaited continuation of a story about the pink house. You have already been there, but one unhappy day, everything has changed. The lovely pink house got into darkness. Obviously, when you succeed to return your toys, the girls sank into despair and decided to appeal to the dark forces in order to revenge you, but something went wrong. Girls from the pink house managed to bring you back for revenge, but now they seem to be controlled by something horrible… The girls got very dangerous, they have weapons now, and they are utterly strong and hostile. You will have to cope with absolute evil! Can you escape? If you are ready, hit the Start button and begin the game. Important! It is a horror map containing lots of creepy elements and sounds which may seriously frighten you! Download it at your own risk! You wake up at night and find yourself on the second floor of a pink house. You go to a door and discover that it is locked, and there is no other way to get out. You need to find all the keys in the total darkness in order to unlock the door and escape from the horror pink house! You should be very careful because the sinister forces have not left the mansion but are haunting within the walls of this scary mansion. The atmosphere of horror and fear is reigning here. When you have found all the keys and begun to open the locked doors, the nasty girls will start hunting for you again! You will need to choose between two characters before the game commences. The first is incredibly fast so that he will easily run away from the girls. The second character is undetectable like a ninja and is hard to be noticed. Escape from the pink house, outwit all the girls from the easiest to the most attentive and quickest, and save the house from the black curse! The main objective of this horror game is to escape from the pink house. Your skill to hide on a location will be very helpful here! The game is designed in the craft style in the world of square blocks. It is recommended for the fans of horror and spooky stories. The game is absolutely free for download.