Owning a hair salon is an important thing, and when running one you have to make sure it is nice and tidy at all times. With this clean up game you get to put everything back into its place before you let your customers in. Here you get to fold the towels, straighten all the bottles, pick up the chairs, as well as rearrange the picture frame, vacuum the floor, mop the floor and clean the mirrors. With so much cleaning to be done you will have to race against the time so your customers don't see the mess. So if you want to run a hair salon why not try this clean up game today and see if you can get it in fine order before you open shop. Features Fold the towels and place them back onto the shelf neatly. Straighten the bottles and place and lose ones back onto the shelves. Pick up the chairs and hair machines so they are nice and tidy. Rearrange the picture frame until it is straight on the wall. Use the cloth to wipe the mess from the mirrors and back of the hair machines. Vacuum the floor to help remove an excess dirt and mess on the floor. Mop the floor to help remove any extra wetness on the floor.