A lot of really cool, innovative, accessibility options here. Word to the wise; be cautious about frivolously turning these options on. It can be very difficult navigating back to get them off depending on what you're using... Even for experienced Android users. Eg; talkback.



It is a well put together game. Some levels are stupid hard. Another review said that meant "your doing it wrong"... After a million tries, I beg to differ. Devs need to make paying for this a bit more beneficial, eg; hint/ skip option would def get me to pay. Other than that, appreciate the short adds. Don't like that it won't save at a checkpoint when I close out, have to start level over. Maybe that comes w premium? Good fun game that I'd highly recommend. First stealth since MGS


Psychose Interactive Inc.


Way too slow. Got bored like ten mins into it



Stuck on one of the first puzzles. So tired of buying a game, and then being charged for tips/ hints throughout. Switching back and forth between free online walkthroughs takes some of the joy out of it.



Game used to be awesome. Just tried re installing on a new device, and it won't load. Paid money for this, color me disappointed-



Realty good game BUT, the hint system is horrible. You're basically forced to spend a ton of money, or switch back and forth between a walkthrough. There's also a "full version" which is the exact same, except almost twice the price of unlocking this version. Although it's good, seems like the Dev's went a bit overboard with trying to get paid on this one. As others have said, it's also pretty short considering what it cost to play.



great way to find jobs. doesn't show a great variety of jobs, very specific to what you put down as your skill set. makes it difficult to get creative or think outside of the box in terms of employment. when applying for a suggested job, only able to highlight one pertinent job history. sometimes that doesn't show the whole picture. eg; driving experience, and customer service experience are listed under 2 previous jobs. can only "highlight" one or the other.

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年07月27日

Thank you for your feedback! The Job Feed results are based on your search history, while the search results are based solely on the parameters you set in your search. If you want to search more broadly, I recommend either adding more terms to your search or leaving the What field blank to see everything for the given location. ~ Indeed Support



A truly good point and click adventure game. Good hint system, as easily playable or difficult as you want it to be. Interesting story line that actually flows a bit ( unlike some others). Decent graphics/ art. It is a little pricy, but the length of the game makes it more than worth it for me.

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年07月18日

Thank you for such an awesome review! I'll pass it to the team!😊



I like this type of game, but this one really wasn't for me. Couldn't really follow any story line. Found it very difficult to figure out what to do and how to do it. Kind of dull looking artistically. I'm sure if you switched back and forth to YouTube, this would be manageable. That takes the fun out of it for me.


Noodlecake Studios Inc


Just too hard. No hint button at all. Even the walkthrough doesn't do it. Becomes redundant trying to get through stuff. Def beautiful, but not worth the money or time.



!*!*!*!This really is a very fun game. Maybe even worth 4 stars ( possibly 5). Reason for low stars is this is basically a demo. If you want to enjoy this game at all, it costs $3. Feel duped by the devs. Even make a point in the description of how "free" it is. They should have explained what their "def" of "free" is, or charged from the start- again, this game costs $3!!!



One of the best multiplayer/ racing games I've played. Conversation is kept simple and to a minimum w emojis. Controls are simple and effective. Graphics are more than good for this "application". A couple negatives, but not even worth taking a star off; takes quite a while to upgrade your kart in an effective manner. Every once in a while you get dropped in a race where you are severely outclassed by others. Purposely lose a few and drop back a league and it's enjoyable again



Outstanding! Have never played anything quite like it. Love point and click adventure games, this is a new/ refreshing take- some puzzles can be tricky, but solvable. Need to not be a linear thinker😉. My only minor complaint is the items you collect are very low on the bottom of the screen. Using Android 11, and constantly end up at my home screen. Wish they were collected on the side somewhere🤷🏻‍♂️. Downgraded to 4 stars. The end of level 3 is redundant and boring. Got tired of starting over


Land Patricio


Could be good. No hint button or real tutorial. Gets old quick



Looking forward to the full version


Netflix, Inc.


Great app- why oh why oh why is your volume sooooooo messed up. One show is stupid loud, next is way too quiet. Some go back and forth. Have tried multiple TV's and I can safely say it's Netflix fault. Reminds me of the 90's when a blaring tv commercial would come on.... Which I believe finally got legally regulated. Please fix on all your platforms



Very accurate, and very detailed. Work at a ski resort and need to know accurate, current weather down to the minute- this is the app for me. Pay the money and upgrade, totally worth it. To the devs- a lightning notification would be awesome

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年06月17日

Wow, thanks so much for the review and sharing your experience. It’s a special pleasure to serve users whose work depends on it. Thanks also for the suggestion. Definitely a priority for the big v2 update!



Pretty cool, innovative game. My only complaint ( and why 4 stars instead of 5); there is no real order to the game. VERY easy to get lost and not know what to do next. There should be a way to ask the ghosts or something how/where/what to do next-

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年05月20日

You have to use the compass like a real one: turn around yourself with the phone in your hands!
Sometimes ghosts help you when you can't succeed, but they can't play for you :) Play with a friend or Join my Discord if you need any help, but please mind about the age limit!



Great, intuitive game. Some chapters are pretty difficult, but still a lot of fun.


Vail Resorts HR Technology





Controls really aren't great. I'll bet this is fun w an actual controller. Dev's- make the buttons BIGGER (or resizable). The small on screen buttons make the game unplayable for me. Other than that- cool graphics and sound. Cool mix of races and cars. Just could be better!.... With better onscreen controls, this is a 4 star game easy.--update- after playing for about a week and becoming familiar w buttons, it's much more playable. Still ns it rates 4 stars for a paid app.




I've always enjoyed this game. It's as easy or difficult as you make it. Had this installed on multiple devices as a "time passer". Down to 3 stars because it hasn't been updated in a while. No new content, and sorta' laggy on android 11. And for people saying the angles are weird, I have better luck playing this game vertically rather than in landscape mode!



It's a good game. Cool graphics, fairly good controls. 5 or 6 bucks is a bit excessive for this offering. Fairly short for that price, and needs a better hint system. Had to use an online forum to exit a level, lose a star. That being said, on a larger phone (using pixel 4a) or specifically a tablet, think this would be much better!

开发者回复 回复时间 2020年11月18日

Hi Wylie, we are sorry that you did not enjoy the game as much. If you have a concrete issues you were facing during the gameplay, please send us an email to hello@antlerinteractive.com. All the best, Anastasia at Antler Interactive.


thatgamecompany inc


Ehhh, so so. I get why some others like this. Way too slow and repetitive for me. Flying is pretty cool. It's def a calming/ relaxing experience- side note, noticed significant battery drain and phone heating up. Using pixel 4a



Very cool concept. The graphics are good, especially for an "older" game. I want to like this game so badly, but the controls really kill it for me. They feel clunky, semi unresponsive. Some stages feel impossible due to this. That mighty even work, but there's no real "mid level" saving. You admittedly get a few tries, but then it's all the way back to the beginning. Certainly worth playing, but I can't give it more stars-🤷🏻‍♂️



Maybe this went right over my head, but...I don't understand how this app knows who's infected?? Are people supposed to self report? If so, that's putting a lot of misplaced faith on the general public-🤷‍♂️



Looks great, seems interesting. I wanted to like it. Feel bad rating it this low. My issues w this game are really my own..it's too hard. The clues can be vague, and it's not always evident where the next step is. I can understand how people can get days of game play out of this. I'm not interested in spending that extended period in 1 room trying to solve the same puzzle.



Looks great, seems interesting. I wanted to like it. Feel bad rating it this low. My issues w this game are really my own..it's too hard. The clues can be vague, and it's not always evident where the next step is. I can understand how people can get days of game play out of this. I'm not interested in spending that extended period in 1 room trying to solve the same puzzle.



Looking forward to the next chapter



Looking forward to the next chapter