BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe


Just brilliant. Thanks for making my way to work much more pleasant this week



There really should be way to check for the fake reviews... Bunch of random photos glued together forcing to randomly tap all over the screen... Looks like someone had too much to smoke and decided to make a "game"...



Started nice but got boring very quickly...


Robot Circus


Mass murder, social categorising, main character is a lesbian but swearing got censored 🤦🏼‍♂️ Honestly after first chapter when all the stuff is unlocked and the game is getting nice - that censored fcuk stands out so much that it destroyed the story. Never knew I could be so bothered... 🙃



Sooo underrated. Not too hard but the story is just long enough for mobile game and actually entertaining. Pleasant time killer on the way to work. Keep up the good work.


11 bit studios


Nice idea but could've been more. Very low variety of items and story that goes nowhere. Not mentioning bugs that I've encountered 3 times during two games...



Simply don't...



Used to be nice. Now you can't find any setting and it forces you to use Yahoo as search engine even if you change it (resets after restart)



2GB download for the game that plays itself...



Same as last one

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年08月05日

Hi, we don't understand what are you trying to say by "Same as last one". If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@five-bn.com
Have a good day!



Storyline is nice, minus one star as the in-game achievements don't sync with Google Play Games account.



Stuck at loading data when offline



Really nice idea. Though energy and craft waiting time makes it completely unplayable. Even when choosing "walk" option on the map to save energy there's simply nothing to do so I ended up switching to another game for the time being. Guess what? I ended up playing that game instead of yours. Someone really didn't think that through

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年06月30日

Hello. Yes, we understand that waiting to travel to a location can be exhausting. However, by conserving energy while traveling on foot, you reserve the chance to get to a sudden event quickly, and most importantly, on time.



Ads between questions...

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年06月29日

Hi Koki 58. Thanks for your feedback!
You can skip video ads - every video has a skip button.
By the way, ads are shown after every incorrect answer and will be gone if you make a purchase of no ad option in the store - it costs less than a cup of coffee :)
Have a great day!


Playgendary Limited


Imagine playing FIFA with single player and no opponent...That's preety much it except here you can watch ads... Shame cause it looks like someone actually worked on these animations.



Dog spotted me on the roof then ran up the ladder and killed me 🤣5 🌟

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年06月22日

Hello Koki. Thank You very much for the support and bug report. I thought that this one is already fixed :) I will take a look on it. Thank You



Same as first one. No story just escape rooms with some not too hard puzzles... Works offline which is a plus



Few nice ideas requiring to stop and think. In general pleasant. Movement speed could be adjustable - takes few swipes to look around. Extra pack payable is a good idea too instead of some spam ads. Could use a story... All in all nicely spent couple of hours on the travel.




Irrational. Blindly tapping random stuff to pass each level. You have a sphinx in the office that you need to place on railroad (also inside the office) to raid out open door... Cheap attempt to make some money on ads



Don't take me wrong but your game is dull and plain. I like the physics and controls but there's not much content. After reaching level 10 (max 2h of gameplay) it feels like there's no point in playing more... I'll keep it just to be aware of any updates (please ask some friends to write you a story). All in all, good job. Hope for more games like that

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年06月13日

Thanks for the feedback. I think it might be viewed that way because of the lack of the story mode. Story is one of the biggest parts of adding some kind of an objective for the player. Hopefully once I add the story mode that issue will be fixed :)



Challanging at some points and really good before sleep 😁



You should have said it's demo. If you want to unlock the gate to another half of the map, you need a "very rare" part that can be only bought for real money.

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年05月20日

Hello! It's not demo, all parts can be found or crafted. Visit different locations, craft weapon and armor, meet different npcs who can trade with you. If you mean red crystals for checkpoint gates they can be looted in swamp. What rare part do you mean?



Tooooo much grinding and ad watching. I don't know where are all these good reviews coming from. 40 ads to get one character. What a disgrace. I played for couple of days - remember more ads than gameplay


Armor Games


After some time you get ads during the gameplay! That you cannot skip nor even mute. And after the ad ends, you tap x to close and it takes you to play store. Way to destroy nice game. I hope you got good money from that - otherwise I can't see a reason such good studio would fall so low...




Nice idea and that's it... No players online. I started playing against AI and before every game it displays: "You are offline. Please go online" I went online - still playing against AI but now with adverts... Got bored under an hour.

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年05月11日

Thanks for your feedback! It's not our intention to fool people and we're trying to describe everything in the in-game information ℹ️. Players are matched against you based on your skill and the duels you play are against their mimicking bots with the same reaction, behavior, aim and skill as their owners. 🤓🤠



Good for couple of days. You can't choose stage. Stages too small for 6 teams - people pile up and it's a random shooting. Kicks you out few times saying: "server error - we sent data to the developer" - never agreed to that BTW (there's no choice). If you don't have friends to play with, don't bother installing - you won't stand a chance. Generally it's OK but got bored after just few days.



Unskippable Ads after every level


British Gas Trading Ltd.


Every time doesn't let me login



This is by far the most boring game I've encountered

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年03月30日

Hello, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. Let us know what you're unhappy about and we'll fix it right away.


Weez Beez


Waste of time. Nothing to do with logic. Random tapper